A variety show offering a sanguine blend of stories, dance sequences and HD female friendships. Written and directed by Gabrielle DeCaro.


film, 18 mins. 


"Largely motivated by 1960’s variety show acts, questions of group identity/uniformity, and Cher’s female autonomy, FYK celebrates humor and expression through monologues, scenes and select performances recorded in front of a live audience. This show demands the kind of viewership that encourages women to be vocal, critical thinkers when it comes to inequality gaps. Nodding to her own development as a woman, centering the piece on intimacy and confabs of trust, DeCaro places her female friendships on the forefront."

❀✿❀ Premiered at The Michigan Theatre, Ann Arbor ~ April 2016 ✿❀✿




HISS Magazine Issue 3



What the F Magazine Issue 8



8BALL TV ~ Nat'l broadcast